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Crushed by an Idaho Merchant Cash Advance? We’ll Get You Out

You took out a merchant cash advance (MCA) to help your Idaho business grow: but now, you’re drowning in debt. The repayment amounts were manageable at first – but sales have slowed, and you can’t keep up. Every day, you wake up dreading those automatic debits from your account.
You’re not alone. Across Idaho, business owners are being strangled by the very financing that was supposed to be their lifeline. The MCA industry preys on entrepreneurs’ ambition and optimism – luring them in with easy approval, only to extract every last cent through excessive repayment rates and draconian contract terms.
But you don’t have to let them bleed you dry. There is a way out – if you know the game. At Delancey Street, we’ve made it our mission to defend Idaho’s businesses against predatory MCA companies. Our battle-tested attorneys can dismantle their tactics, rip apart their contracts, and get you the relief you desperately need.

The MCA Trap: How They Snare the Unsuspecting

MCAs are marketed as a simple transaction: the company purchases a slice of your future revenues for a lump sum today. No interest rates, no debt – just an easy way to get capital fast.
Or so they claim. In reality, these are carefully constructed debt traps, designed to ensnare you in a cycle of repayments you can barely afford. The fees and buyback rates are so exorbitant, they would be illegal for a traditional loan.
But MCAs operate in a legal gray area. They structure the deal as a “purchase of future income” to bypass usury laws. And their contracts are intentionally impenetrable: filled with convoluted language, hidden terms, and unconscionable provisions like:
Confessions of judgment: You unknowingly waive your right to dispute the debt in court. With a stroke of a pen, they can seize your assets without you ever getting a day in court.
Excessive liquidated damages: If you miss even a single payment, they can demand a punitive lump sum – often double or triple what you originally borrowed.
Eternal guarantees: The MCA company can pursue your personal assets indefinitely to collect the debt, with no statute of limitations.
These terms are so egregious, so blatantly one-sided, that courts across the country are finally recognizing them for what they are: loans with usurious interest rates, disguised as purchases to evade regulation.

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Don’t Let Them Bully You: How We Fight Back

At Delancey Street, we take the fight directly to the MCA companies. Our seasoned litigators have spent years dismantling their schemes and freeing Idaho businesses from their clutches.
Our first move? Rip apart their contracts. We comb through every word, every clause, to expose the MCA’s predatory tactics. Did they misrepresent the terms? Conceal the true costs? Violate disclosure requirements? If so, we can get the entire agreement invalidated on grounds of fraud, unconscionability, or violation of lending laws.
We also analyze whether the MCA is truly a “purchase” under the law – or just a usurious loan in disguise. If the latter, we can invoke Idaho’s usury statutes to void the agreement and recoup any excessive payments.
Even if the contract appears airtight, we’re just getting started. Our attorneys explore every potential defense and counterclaim, including:
Violations of federal lending laws like the Truth in Lending Act
Breaches of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing
Abuses of the Uniform Commercial Code filing system
Deceptive trade practices under Idaho’s Consumer Protection Act
With a barrage of claims from every angle, we batter the MCA companies into submitting to a reasonable settlement – one that provides real relief and lets you restart on stable footing.
And if they refuse to negotiate? We’ll take them to trial and bury them under the weight of their own misconduct. Our fearless litigators have won multi-million dollar verdicts against MCA bullies who thought they could steamroll small businesses.

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You Deserve a Lifeline, Not an Anchor

No matter how dire your situation feels, remember: you are not powerless against the MCA companies. By retaining battle-tested attorneys who know their schemes inside and out, you can dismantle their debt traps and escape their clutches.
At Delancey Street, we’ve made it our life’s work to defend Idaho’s entrepreneurs from those who would exploit them. Our team doesn’t just understand MCA litigation – we revel in it. To us, taking down a predatory MCA company is a badge of honor.
So if you’re drowning in MCA debt, don’t struggle alone. Call the only firm with the expertise, the tenacity, and the sheer relentlessness to cut you free. Delancey Street is your lifeline – and we’ll make sure the only anchors are the ones dragging down those who tried to bleed you dry.

Hypothetical Scenarios: When to Seek an MCA Defense Attorney

Still not convinced you need an MCA defense lawyer? Let’s walk through a few hypothetical scenarios that could spell disaster without experienced legal counsel:

The Automatic Stay Violation

Imagine you’ve fallen behind on your MCA payments, so you file for bankruptcy to get some breathing room and reorganize your debts. But the MCA company keeps taking its cut from your daily receipts – violating the automatic stay that’s supposed to halt collections.
Without a lawyer, you could be powerless to stop them from draining your accounts during bankruptcy. But an MCA defense attorney can seek emergency orders from the bankruptcy court, enforcing the stay and even allowing you to claw back improper transfers.

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The Judgment by Ambush

Or let’s say your MCA contract has a draconian “confession of judgment” clause. If you miss payments, the company can obtain a judgment against you without any notice or court hearing. Suddenly, they have the right to seize your assets, garnish your accounts – all because you checked a box buried in incomprehensible legalese.
An experienced litigator could have spotted that unconscionable clause from a mile away. They’ll move swiftly to vacate the judgment, protecting your rights and your assets every step of the way.

Delancey Street is here for you

Our team is available always to help you. Regardless of whether you need advice, or just want to run a scenario by us. We take pride in the fact our team loves working with our clients - and truly cares about their financial and mental wellbeing.

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