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What separates Carousel Checks from other check printers is that it has departments able to help customers with anything it is they may need in-house. Whether for checks, tax forms, payroll software, IT, or design and graphic services, Carousel Checks does it all.

Customization Options

After choosing the kind of check and color, you are able to customize your checks. The customization process starts by inputting your personal information. From there you are able to put in your account information including your bank name, bank address, account and routing number. As the last step in the customization process, you can choose a specific style of lettering, numbering, and can add a message to be printed onto your checks, as well as your monogram or logo. Customizing checks is really easy and Carousel Checks has an advanced system that uses the information you input to create a digital version of your check. This is really useful, as it lets you see what the checks will look like before they even get printed.

Check Styles and Add-ons

Carousel Checks has 2 kinds of business checks to choose from: laser high-security checks and manual checks.

Laser checks are suitable to accommodate accounts payable, payroll, or general purpose. The checks have 14 different security features including a void pantograph, heat sensitive thermocon, and chemical reactive paper. The checks are also compatible with all Quickbooks, Quicken, and Microsoft Money software. And if your software is not listed, Carousel Checks will custom format your checks to the software of your choice at no extra charge. Under the manual checks category are disbursement, multi purpose, and payroll checks. All checks meet the specifications required by the American Bankers Association.

After choosing the kind of check you want and the desired quantity, you can choose to add-on EZShield check fraud protection. The price to add it on depends on the quantity of checks you purchase, and it protects your business checks from unauthorized use of up to $25,000.

If you want to reorder checks, you simply have to log into the site, or enter your routing number, account number, and shipping zip code. From there you will see past orders and can simply click to reorder and wait for your checks at the door.

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